Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Stories, 23 July 2007

By Steve Lee

Happy Monday, everyone. Here are a few stories that are floating around the Hollywood side of the internet...

The stars of "Wicked," now appearing at the Pantages Theater, have been sneaking in appearances at Universal Studios.

Although I have yet to see it, the making of John Carney's film "Once" is apparently an excellent example of how to get the most out of a small production budget.

A camera used by Charlie Chaplin will be auctioned off in London on Wednesday.

Ever since 9/11, movies filming on location in Washington D.C. have had a lot of restrictions.

We mentioned last week that "Indiana Jones" is shooting in Hawaii. It's no wonder: they're giving tax credits up to $8 million to productions that shoot there. Why doesn't California do that?

Did anyone else notice that Marlon Brando died in every movie he made in the '70s?

...And here's a story that explains more about the impending writer's strike.

Have a good week!


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