Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Disneyland's Anniversary

By Steve Lee

On this day in 1955, in Anaheim, California - Disneyland opened.

If you don't know what Disneyland has to do with Hollywood history, just think about it a minute.

Besides being created by Walt Disney, who was one of the most influential and prolific producers of films and television ever... almost everyone involved in the park's design came from Hollywood. People like Xavier Atencio, who wrote and designed several key attractions; Special effects artist Eustace Lycett, who helped create "Great Moments with Mr Lincoln" and others; composer Buddy Baker, who wrote the music for several attractions; actor Paul Frees, whose voice is heard in lots of places in the park; and effects artist Peter Ellenshaw, who (as I've mentioned before) painted the first TV view of Disneyland. Just to name a few.

Not to mention that many attractions there are based on Disney's films - and some films are based on their attractions.

There are even more reasons... but since it's the subject of an upcoming "Locations" article for the site, I'll stop now. But in honor of the park's anniversary, here are some secret links to some 360ยบ pictures taken in Disneyland. Enjoy!

Town Square, Main Street
New Orleans Square
The Haunted Mansion


Blogger Mark Keefer said...

Can you imagine being there THE day it opened for the first time?

I like your "secret" links btw. Cool shots.

5:54 PM, July 17, 2007  

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