Monday, August 20, 2007

Hollywood stories for Monday, 20 August 2007

By Steve Lee

Hi everyone... here are today's Hollywood story picks from the internet...

What do real French chefs think of "Ratatouille"?

If you tried to get on the 105 freeway between Sepulveda and La Cienega late at night on Saturday, you probably got stuck. That section will be closed part of this coming weekend too, thanks to Will Smith. Here's why. Watch out for explosions.

A Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen has sold for $2.31 million.

There was a huge turnout for Merv Griffin's funeral Friday, as Hollywood says goodbye to the entertainment giant.

Mel Shavelson, writer-director of "The Seven Little Foys" and "Houseboat" (among many others) has died.

Hollywood comes to Liverpool today, as the Black Pearl pirate ship from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy (built for the 1962 film "Mutiny on the Bounty") visits England.

Are Hollywood musicals coming back?

Speaking of music, here's a good piece on cartoon music, including the legendary Carl Stalling.

Hollywood is holding its breath - will there be a writer's strike? Negotiations are now on hold for at least a month.

Remember audio cassettes? My first sound effects library depended on them. Here are some fun things people are doing with cassettes now.

Enjoy your week!


Blogger Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

Speaking Of Merv Griffin, there is an exciting new group on Yahoo called The Judy Garland Experience. The group has the largest and most diverse membership of all the Garland groups and fan clubs, and we are always having lively discussions on a variety of topics. We also have amazing photo albums filled with never before seen photo's of Judy.
The group's audio files are the rarest on the Web and are constantly changing, but if you check in right now you can hear Judy's complete performance on The Merv Griffin Show where she sings, dances, trades quips with Totie Fields, and more. We are also featuring a never released Judy concert that was recorded in Canada in 1965, an ultra rare performance featuring Judy and Helen Forrest on The Dick Haymes Show, and dozens of other aural odds and ends that will have Garland aficianado's drooling. We even have an unreleased concert from Al Green. Why are we featuring an unreleased Al Green concert you ask, you will just have to visit The Judy Garland Experience to find out! But be forwarned, once you visit our little Judyville you may never want to leave.

12:28 PM, August 20, 2007  

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