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C-3PO's Feet
at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

C-3PO Footprints

Most people don't usually think about what the bottom of their shoes look like. Depending on the shoes, there might be some kind of pattern, maybe a company's logo - or perhaps nothing at all. But this isn't something that many people worry much about.

Even when some kind of specific footwear is needed to be created for a film, it's very rare that any thought would be given to designing something to go on the bottom, unless there's something specific mentioned about it in the story.

The costume that Anthony Daniels wore as the golden robot C-3PO in "Star Wars" (1977) did not have anything particularly interesting on the bottom of his feet. However, when several characters from the film - including C-3PO - were invited to place their footprints in the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre (Mann's at the time), a new special pair of feet for the droid were created just for the ceremony.
C-3PO's Feet

These feet, which looked exactly like the original costume's feet, except with a special pattern on the bottom sculpted to look like a bit of robotic hardware, were created under the supervision of future multiple Oscar winner Rick Baker. Baker also supervised the creation of many alien creatures for the "Star Wars" Cantina sequence.

Star Wars Chinese Theatre


Assisted by special effects expert Peter Kuran (left) and "Star Wars" Promotional Director Charles Lippincott (right), C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) is seen here placing his very special feet in cement at the Chinese Theatre. "Star Wars" Producer Gary Kurtz can be seen over Threepio's left shoulder.




Star Wars Footprints

The ceremony took place on August 3rd, 1977. C-3PO, along with R2-D2 and Darth Vader, immortalized their footprints in the ground for everyone to see for years to come.

Although the bottom of Threepio's feet actually needed to be seen briefly a few years later in "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980), the feet created for the Chinese Theatre ceremony were not used in the film. A different, and less elaborate, design was seen under the droid's feet.

The special C-3PO feet from the Chinese Theatre ceremony were donated by Rick Baker to the private collection of Bob Burns, where they remain today.

- Steve Lee
18 March 2002

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Grauman's Chinese Theatre

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