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The Sepulveda Dam
San Fernando Valley, California

As odd as it sounds, an area maintained by the Army Corp of Engineers and used as a flood control channel for the Los Angeles River has been a popular location for countless car commercials and several motion pictures.

Constructed in 1941, the Sepulveda Dam has been seen as the gates of New York Maximum Security Prison in John Carpenter’s "Escape From New York" and in the end credits of "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai" while the cast marches by.

Not far from the dam, the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area has been set aside by The City of Los Angeles to protect native plants and animals. Over 200 species of birds have been recorded in the basin.

The Sepulveda Dam can be seen on the right while traveling northwest on the 101 Freeway just after crossing the 405 Freeway at the foot of the Sepulveda Pass.

26 July 2005

WARNING! Not all of the Sepulveda Dam area is open to the public, and we DO NOT recommend you try to enter any restricted areas without permission!

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Sepulveda Dam

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