Hollywood Lost and Found

The locations listed on this website are provided for historical reference purposes only. If you visit any of these sites, do so at your own risk, and always use common sense.

Never trespass onto private property. A quick picture taken from a public sidewalk is one thing - venturing on to the property is not a good idea.

Be kind, courteous, don't loiter, and don't do anything to disturb anyone who may live or work at any of these locations. However, if you see someone on the land and you'd like to take a picture, we would recommend that you politely ask for permission - and please respect their wishes.

Some of these areas are not always safe, especially at night. If you must visit, bring a friend, or go with a group.

And certainly don't deface any location - or unlawfully take anything as a souvenir. Vandalizing property, public or private, is illegal.

Thank you!

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