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Hollywood Lost and Found was created to promote interest in the history of Hollywood and the art of filmmaking - with special emphasis on Film Sound, Movie Props, and Locations.

Founded and maintained by Steve Lee, a film historian and sound editor with over 20 years experience living and working in Hollywood – along with contributions from other film professionals – the mission of the site is to provide interesting stories of entertainment history that will inspire readers to learn more.

Since this site is independently owned and operated, the appearance of new articles depend on the schedules of our contributors. Updates to existing stories occur when new information surfaces, and are reflected by the date at the bottom of each piece.

We don’t review movies, or report on current news or gossip. Occasionally we will mention general critical reaction to certain films in their historical context, as well as present some legendary Hollywood "tall tales" that have been documented by others previously.

Although we stay away from opinion on the main site, we do maintain a Message Board for everyone to share their ideas and reviews.

The site is completely non-profit. All revenue earned from advertising and from the sale of items on Cafe Press and Amazon, go to support the site and creating new content.

For the answer to Frequently Asked Questions of our site, please visit our FAQ Page.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think… or share some Hollywood stories with us. We may not be able to respond to everyone… but we'd love to hear what you have to say. All submissions become the property of Hollywood Lost and Found.

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