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Steve Lee
Creator & Supervising Editor

I grew up as kind of a Hollywood Studio Brat.

My Dad was a writer and film consultant. He was one of those guys that a movie producer would hire to find out if anything in their science fiction script could actually happen in the future. Usually what he would tell them wouldn't be what they'd want to hear - so they would just pay him and do whatever they wanted in their movie anyway. But I got to go with him to various studio meetings, screenings and dub stages... and learned a lot about how movies were made. Back then when security wasn’t as overwhelmingly tight as it is today, it wasn’t hard for a kid to wander around a studio lot and observe the various goings-on.

My Dad also compiled one of the first reference books on science fiction and fantasy films, so I grew up watching all the great monster and space movies. I'd spend lots of time at places with incredible collections of movie memorabilia, like Forry Ackerman's house. I had fun, growing up hanging out with Robby the Robot and Tracy the Gorilla - even if it might not have been a normal childhood. It certainly pointed me toward my future career.

After a short bout with acting in my adolescent years, and a few years in film classes at USC and UCLA, I began a career in film sound. I’ve been able to create sounds and voices for Disney theme park attractions, performed the voice of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear for the Coke commercials, and have contributed sound effects to many films - including "The Lion King," "A Goofy Movie," "Apollo 13," "Antz," “The Flintstones,” "Small Soldiers," "The Majestic," "Training Day," “Brother Bear” and "Looney Tunes: Back in Action."

I have always been fascinated with every aspect of film making, and the history of Hollywood. During my career, I’ve had a chance to collect a lot of information and memorabilia, and have helped other collectors track down certain movie props and artifacts. I’ve gotten to coordinate displays of film props, and have written several articles about movie history.

This website is a result of that continuing obsession.

--Steve Lee

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