For health professionals excellence is closer than you think. Come see for yourself. Programs ways to give newsroom contact us appointments select a program at cham childhood cancers and blood disorders • physicians and staff • bone marrow transplant • clinical trials - overview • clinical trials listing • neuro-oncology/brain tumors • pediatric sarcoma program • sickle cell anemia • sickle cell anemia - advanced screening & research • sickle cell program • treatment overview • treatment specifics craniofacial center • care advancements • craniofacial center • physicians and staff • specific conditions neurology, epilepsy and autism • autism • epilepsy management center • muscular dystrophy unit • neurology epilepsy and autism • physicians and staff • rett syndrome center sleep disorders center • other programs and services in respiratory and sleep medi... Surgical services • advances who we are clinical services find a doctor patient guide home > clinical services > neurosurgery > neurological disorde...  > spinal cord tumors spinal cord tumors tumors that originate within the substance of the spinal cord are called intramedullary spinal cord tumors. The most common types are called astrocytoma, ependymoma, and ganglioglioma. The great majority of them are benign and grow slowly. Because of this slow growth these tumors can remain asymptomatic and thus undetected for considerable time. Symptoms frequently are noted over months or even years. A common presentation in children is severe back pain, characteristically worse at night, and difficult to control with commonly used pain medication. It may take a long time for more severe symptoms such as decrease of sensation or weakness to appear. discounted generic viagra cheapest generic super viagra generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online order viagra online usa buy viagra online In adolescents and adults the symptoms are more often dependent on the tumor type. Tingling or burning sensations, so-called dysesthesias, in the body below the level of the tumor are a frequent manifestation. Scoliosis or abnormal curvature of the spine may also be a symptom of a spinal cord tumor. In this day and age spinal cord tumors are noninvasively diagnosed with magnetic resonance imaging, or mri scans. The first option of treatment to be considered is almost in all cases surgical resection, as a substantial portion of patients with benign intramedullary tumors can be cured with surgery alone. S.

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We've added the story of the title prop from the 1960 George Pal film "The Time Machine."

Our most popular page shows the history of a famous sound sound effect, The Wilhelm Scream. Please take a look... and help support the site by getting your very own Wilhelm Scream T-Shirt!

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14 May 2009

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