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"STAR WARS" (1977)

The name "Wookiee" came from San Francisco radio D.J. Terry McGovern while recording voices for George Lucas' "THX 1138" (1970). "I think I hit a Wookiee back there," McGovern said while improvising dialogue for the film's sound track.

The name "R2-D2" came from editor Walter Murch while he and George Lucas were mixing "American Graffiti." Needing the second roll of dialogue for reel 2 of the film, Murch said, "George, hand me R2-D2." George thought it was a great name and wrote it down to remember it later.

For the scene where Han Solo tries to stall the stormtroopers over the comlink while Luke is letting Princess Leia out of her cell, Harrison Ford purposely didn't learn his dialogue so he would sound genuinely nervous.

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