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"BRAZIL" (1985)

The person playing the technician who swats the fly at the beginning of the film, which falls into the printer causing the fatal misprint, is Ray Cooper - a percussionist who accompanied Elton John on his famous Russian concerts in 1979.

The highly publicized feud between director Terry Gilliam and Universal chairman Sid Sheinberg can be recounted in the book "The Battle of Brazil" by Jack Mathews, most recently updated and republished in late 1998.

The code that Mr. Helpman uses to get to his floor on the elevator (which Sam Lowery uses to sneak up to the office himself) is "ERE I AM JH." When you rearrange those letters it spells "JEREMIAH," the name of Sam's father.

Mr. Kurtzman was named for Harvey Kurtzman, the editor of the humour magazine "Help" that director Terry Gilliam worked for in the mid 60's.

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