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"Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide"

"Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide" (Signet, updated yearly) is an absolutely essential book for any movie lover’s library. Period.

With many many film history books and documentaries to his name, a daily radio news feature, and his regular appearances on "Entertainment Tonight," Mr. Maltin has established himself as one of the top authorities on films and filmmaking. Having first started the Movie Guide in 1969 when he only a teenager, it has grown to become the definitive quick-reference movie book - with over 16,000 film listings, capsule reviews of each movie, and special lists for directors, actors and actresses.

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t use Leonard’s book. I actually have multiple copies in the house and in my office, and pick up a new updated edition every couple years. Some of my copies are ragged and dog-eared – an obvious testament to the book’s necessity.

There are, of course, many other sources for movie information. The Internet Movie Database puts it at our fingertips when we’re online. A few bigger books have more information in their listings. But for me, Leonard Maltin’s book is the perfect size to be stashed next to the TV, ready with the key facts or a quick opinion about whatever movie I want - and it doesn’t need to be plugged in or logged on to the internet to be used.

If you’re a true movie fan, or an aspiring filmmaker, and you don’t have Leonard’s book… get one NOW.

- Steve Lee
1 August 2006
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