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Pink's Hot Dogs
Los Angeles, California

Paul Pink started selling hot dogs at the Los Angeles intersection of La Brea and Melrose in 1939 from a pushcart. His success allowed him to build a small building in 1946, which has since become a Hollywood landmark.

Their chili dogs are considered by many – from gourmet food critics to junk food connoisseurs alike – to be the best anywhere.

Celebrity sightings are common there. Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, James Woods, Ed McMahon, and Tom Hanks are all regular visitors. Orson Welles reportedly holds the record for most dogs consumed in a single sitting: 18.

Several years ago I was in line late at night when Henry Winkler, "the Fonz" from TVs "Happy Days," suddenly appeared and ordered a dozen chili dogs. "My family and I just got back from Europe, and we’ve missed these," he said. But for those who don’t catch a star sighting, one can always view the signed personalized celebrity photos that cover practically every available space in the small indoor dining area.

Pink’s is located at 709 N. La Brea Boulevard, just a couple doors North of Melrose Avenue… just look for the crowd of people in line.

- Steve Lee
6 August 2006

Pink’s Hot Dogs
709 N. La Brea Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 931 4223


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Pink’s Hot Dogs, Official Website. <http://www.PinksHollywood.com>

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