Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wilhelm is making the rounds

By Candie Kelty

All those years ago, when I suggested to Steve, "Why don't you make a website about all this movie stuff (so you can get it out of your system and not talk while I'm trying to watch tv)?" I had no idea that The Wilhelm Scream would be the most popular page on the site. Every time there is a jump in the site traffic stats, we know Wilhelm reared his big loud head again, but there are a few that really give me a giggle.

Last year, Steve was on Showtime talking about Wilhelm. This one is my favorite because Steve is wearing a shirt I made. The whole thing is all about the shirt, really.

The Swedish movie, Storm advertises itself as being the first Swedish movie to use the Wilhelm Scream. Could this be the influence of Claes Andreasson who did a Wilhelm piece for Swedish Public Radio?

Wilhelm has even appeared in Germany.

I never mention the On the Media guy who called Steve, sucked a bunch of info out of him, then never gave him credit.

Now we know Wilhelm has REALLY made it because he was acknowledged by Roger Ebert.

I can't wait to see where Wilhelm shows up next.


Mark Keefer said...

That is how I met Steve in the first place.

Last year I posted about the Wilhelm on my blog, cited Steve's Wilhelm page, and he commented on my page after.

Wilhelm brings people together, it's beautiful.

6:08 PM, July 18, 2007  
Adam said...

Yep. That's how I wound up here, too. Read about the page on Ebert's site, then saw Keefer's blog post about it, and now I'm hooked. Love it.

Say, there's a writer's strike coming. Wonder if that bodes well for us novelists/ghostwriters who aren't in the Guild. I expect my cell phone will be ringing off the hook soon...

2:15 PM, July 19, 2007  

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